Diamond Fork, UT
This hike on the 6th Water and 5th Water trail leads to a popular hot spring.

In June 2012, the Church Camp fire began along Argyle Ridge south of Duchesne, UT. The following year we visited this site to compare the burned and unburned areas. This is what we saw.

Ephraim Canyon is the site of one of Utah’s oldest research stations. In 1912, Arthur Sampson began conducting research to examine the influence of grazing on vegetation and soil stability. This research has continued for over 100 years. Here we can explore from the summit of the Wasatch Plateau (3,000-m or 10,000′) to Oak-Juniper zone at the bottom of the canyon.

Loafer Mountain Trail and North Peak Trail of Mt. Nebo on the Wasatch Front, Utah.


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